Youth inspire us, and we inspire youth.

Open, curious, eager to learn and desperate to contribute, youth are an inspiration to Redvespa. We want to practically help youth improve their wellbeing, so they too can go from where they are, to where they could be.

Your Kingdom, a guide to wellbeing and potential.

An accessible guide that opens up conversations of mental health in the workplace and home, Your Kingdom uses simple language and concepts to teach people about realistic wellbeing strategies.

For every book purchased by a business, Redvespa gifts two to a youth organisation of choice.

Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand Prime Minister, shares her strategies in Your Kingdom.

"Talking to people helps me a lot. Working through what is the worst thing that can happen and realising that even if it happens, it’s not that bad. My Dad taught it to me."

Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand Prime Minister, shares her strategies in Your Kingdom.

Zeno Project, wellness workshops.

Workshops for charities and schools, Zeno Project is passionate about teaching people achievable wellbeing strategies, in their growingly pressured lives.

For every Redvespa workshop run with your business, we fund a Zeno Project workshop with youth.

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Jamie is Redvespa’s Head of Wellness and Social Purpose, writer of Your Kingdom and co-founder of Zeno Project.

Coming from the pressures of professional cricket and learning from his own anxiety and depression in his younger years, Jamie is determined to pass on the understanding and tools he never had.

Chat to Jamie about bringing Your Kingdom into your business, or receiving free wellness books and workshops as a youth organisation or school.