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Our purpose

To make change happen to unleash potential and enrich people, business, and communities.

Founded in New Zealand 20 years ago, Redvespa's founder, Richard Gibson set out to build a company and culture modelled on his passions for entrepreneurship and connecting people with possibilities.

In 2019, we embarked on a New Zealand rite of passage - the Overseas Experience, or OE - taking our experience and way of working to the United Kingdom. Now, our UK-based team continues to grow out of our office based in Leeds. With consultants experienced in the challenges facing UK businesses, we're bringing our culture of care through a human-centred approach which aims to change business in the UK, for good.

Transforming business, for good.

We focus on growth for impact, not for its own sake. We re-imagine growth and create confidence to ensure profits are reinvested into people and planet for sustained impact. We partner with bold business leaders to:


Re-imagine unbreakable, human-centered organisations, products, and experiences.

Design and Implement

We design and implement data-led transformations that enable adaptability and resilience.

Create and Innovate

Create a sustainable, high performing organisation and a culture of continuous learning and innovation.

What we do.

We want to help our clients, consultants, and communities have the confidence to be who they ultimately want to be.

We're in the business of unleashing potential.

  • We help leadership teams to design and execute strategy, creating practical roadmaps for growing human-centred impact.
  • We help executive leadership teams to manage organisational risk.
  • We unlock opportunities for purpose-driven products, employee, and customer experiences.
  • We focus on delivering top-down and bottom-up connection, to create outcomes aligned to purpose.
How we do it

We focus on the ‘how’ to enable knowledge transfer and impact.

Our approach and methodologies help to connect the dots between vision, purpose, strategy, action, and growth-for-impact. Our ways of working are highly collaborative and partnership-driven.

Experts in design thinking and lean start-up principles, we reimagine, build, experiment, test, learn, share, and grow. We leverage our extensive global partnerships and communities to enable knowledge transfer and continuous learning, to the advantage of everyone involved.

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