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Choosing vendors with agility

Why you need an Agile RFx to find an Agile vendor.

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Breaking the disappointment loop

The value of vendor partnerships under Agile.

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Who Cares: purpose & supply

How valuable (and vulnerable) is your purpose?

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Being more by being less

Redvespa has gone through a journey on our way to being in business for good and to have impact.

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What kids are learning today

Gen-Z Jack O’Neil imparts his primary school wisdom, on how a growth mindset can overcome challenges.

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Disrupting business with design thinking

Design is a mindset, not a role. Learn design thinking techniques the whole business can apply to their way of working.

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Picture this!

Draw it, chart it, map it, graph it. Here’s a bit of creative BA inspiration, for displaying your information.

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Are you a mole or an owl?

The BA benefits of flying high and scoping the full picture, before diving down and digging into the details.

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An hour in Legoland

Kick start your vision with a lego workshop; a creative and concise way to allow everyone to be heard.

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Lessons in baby proofing

What’s the connection between being a BA and parenting? Being open to how we communicate, and to even adapting the rules.

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Not just another Visio diagram

How to use creative sketching in business analysis, to turn a data-driven process into a human-telling story.

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The rise of customer centricity

Understanding your customer, is at the heart of solving your value proposition and business solutions. Here’s how.

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Why your idea is probably bad, and that’s ok

While we’re all aiming for success, here’s why allowing yourself to be wrong is the only path to being right.

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Starting at red

The difference between starting a project at green versus red, and the psychological difference for succeeding.

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Thought leadership and whiskey – any difference?

How thinking can lead to sharing, exploring can lead to discovering, and whiskey can lead to an interesting article.

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14 reasons I love business analysis

A Valentine’s Day story that reveals the loveable parts of being a BA. Like freeing the inner child to ask why.

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Take a shower, and understand change

A one week shower challenge that will flex your change muscles, and experiment with your emotions.

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