What kids are learning today.

What kids are learning today

Gen-Z Jack O’Neil imparts his primary school wisdom, on how a growth mindset can overcome challenges.

Data, information and knowledge is in no shortage in 2017 – and we can access it via a multitude of channels. While this holds great value and should be leveraged, some of the most crucial skills for the future of our profession, and others, are the intangibles or what is often called ‘soft-skills’. Recently we have been working with, and learning from – Jack O’Neil – a Gen Z young man, who is learning some fascinating things at school!

When Jack was in yr 6 at Kaurilands School – he came home one evening and started to talk to his mum, Moana O’Neil, Redvespa’s Chief Knowledge Officer, about what he was learning at school. Moana was fascinated to learn that as well as the traditional mathematics, reading and grammar – they were learning about the intangible.  How to overcome challenges, developing a growth mindset and how to think critically. When Moana shared what Jack had been learning at school, we knew we had to ask Jack to come and share his story with us.

These skills form the foundation of problem solving, critical thinking and resilience – which we know in our business, and in life are the things that set successful people apart from the rest – and makes them A Players. Demonstrating empathy, being curious, being deliberate about creativity and becoming more resilient are all things that can help us achieve personal mastery. These things are what gives our team an edge. And equally importantly, we can take this insight, and apply it to how we operate as employers of this generation, how our team engage with our customers/vendors/partners, and how our customers engage with their customers.

We encourage our people to step outside their space to learn and grow and help us develop our learning obsessed culture. We have a generation of young men and women coming through that are learning these intangible skills daily. What are we going to do to keep up with them when they hit the workforce in 10-15 years time?

We thought we’d better get ahead of the game, check out the small snippet from the afternoon with our star – Jack O’Neil!