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It's not just big business. We are an SME ourselves. Our focused services create big impacts for smaller business.

Redvespa helps SMEs thrive and grow

Redvespa’s reputation is built on our work with New Zealand’s best known brands, and most government ministries. But, as a growing, medium-sized business ourselves, we love working with Aotearoa’s sometimes unsung heroes – the engine-room of local and regional economies – our fellow small and medium sized businesses.

We help businesses like yours, because we are one

Redvespa is a family-owned, specialist consultancy business. We have grown and evolved over 18 years to 100+ people across New Zealand. We also work across most industry sectors, and are trusted by many sizes of business.

We take business from where it is to where it could be. Our foundations for doing this are the Business Analysis and Consultancy skills of our people. We help businesses get clarity, understand their situation and explore options. In turn this helps you make better, more confident decisions on improving your business.

We’re in business for good, a Certified B Corporation, and care deeply about people and especially our youth.

Different support at different times

We’re proud to work directly with small and medium sized business, across our cities and regions, to empower businesses across Aotearoa New Zealand. We relish work where our skills and experience can be connected with your passion and knowledge, so that you end up in a stronger position.

We help you with:

  • Strategy – picking the right direction and destination to lead your business towards
  • Design – assessing and picking the right route to get you there
  • Delivery – get going, keep going, and bring everyone on the journey

Why would you trust us to help you?

We love sharing the “BA Magic” that Business Analysis brings to people, business and communities.

Don’t just take our word – read what our customers have to say about what it’s like to work with us.

What we do to help: Strategy

Executing Strategy

Business Planning

Situation: Even when you have a clear goal, getting results in the real world is hard.

Rationale: It’s a key management and leadership skill. Turning existing strategy into prioritised, well-communicated and clearly owned action sounds simple. But it is not automatic.

Outcome: Our “Executing Strategy” service gets you clear on where you’re starting from. It lays the options out clearly, and helps you pick and plan a path to results. This means you get the most from your available resources. This helps deliver future success.

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Business Insights & Analytics

Managing Resources

Situation: Decisions… Sometimes it’s about gut, sometimes data, sometimes both. But numbers are no use unless they actually answer the right questions; either for yourself, or for banks, investors or the like.

Rationale: We help you analyse the decisions you need to make, identify the information you need to make them, and analyse the data that will provide that information.

Outcome: We show you how to turn confusing data, supposition, and nagging doubts into clarity and informed decisions.

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What we do to help: Business Operations Design

Explore & Prioritise

Business Planning, Business Sustainability

Situation: Fix the right things first. Easy to do with obvious problems, but harder with situations where a load of variables are at play.

Rationale: We use Business Analysis to help you get right under the hood of why things sometimes go wrong, take longer than they should, give inconsistent results, or use a huge amount of effort for not very much.

Outcome: Discovering the real root causes for things lets you identify fixes, decide priorities and then tune and refine your operations as you go.

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Customer Service Design

Business Planning

Situation: Customers don’t see everything we do, but they see, buy or react to the results of it. Service Design is a technique that reframes your internal workings as parts of providing an overall service to your customers.

Rationale: That matters because everything we do or don’t do can end up making your customer’s day, or making your customer mad.

Outcome: Using your real-world examples, we’ll help you describe your customers’ experience and be deliberate in improving how you work, giving happier customers (and staff).

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What we do to help: Operations and Change Delivery

Process and System Review

Business Operations

Situation: Most businesses rely on systems to collect, store and manage information. In a changing world, systems get gradually less effective.

Rationale: We work with your team to lay out what systems you really have, how they help or hinder processes, and what improvements you might make. You might choose to buy a new system, rationalise your tools, or change the way you use a system.

Outcome: We’ll help you identify needs and options, compare the alternatives, build a case for change, and a roadmap to get you there.

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Bespoke Projects

Follow-on work

Situation: Beyond the help, support and guidance you get within advice and support networks, Redvespa can design tailored follow-on projects with you.

Rationale: We recognise that success is a journey, and the first delivery is often not the last delivery.

Outcome: We can work out how to pool our strengths to get the best results for you, your people and your resources, in a timescale that fits with your business.

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