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Jamie Bell

Now taking UK business from where it is to where it could be.

Redvespa prides itself on having what it takes to take our clients’ businesses from where they are, to where they could be. That passion for unleashing potential extends beyond our clients and across Aotearoa through our focus on social purpose; being in Business for Good.

However, in the last year, we’ve seen the needs of our clients and our community change.

What it takes is different now.

We’ve seen clients embrace working at distance, think more creatively, prepare for bigger risks, celebrate local but look global, invest more in culture, and live their values. We’ve been inspired, and we’ve acted on that inspiration.

The worldwide shift in how businesses are working made us think: can we shift our business to the world?

That thinking has led us to an exciting new chapter in the story of Redvespa. From the Gibson family home in Wellington back in 2003, to Auckland in 2010, and on to Christchurch in 2017, we’ve embraced the opportunity to share our culture and expertise with businesses and communities across New Zealand.

Now, in 2021, we’re proud to announce Redvespa is taking that culture and expertise to the United Kingdom.

Early in 2020, Martin Simmons, one of Redvespa’s senior Consultants based in Wellington, travelled to Europe. Visiting family and friends and taking in some skiing in Italy sounded just the ticket following a busy 2019…

…we all know what happened next.

Unfortunately for Martin and his wife, what happened next caused a major change in course. Instead of returning to New Zealand, they went to their old hometown of Leeds and began a year of living in uncertainty – could they return to New Zealand, would their jobs be there when they did?

As they learned to navigate the path ahead, and come to terms with an unlikely return to New Zealand, Martin began to share an idea: would Redvespa, a company so proud of their New Zealand and Business Analysis roots, consider taking that culture and skillset to the United Kingdom?

For Sarah Gibson, CEO of Redvespa, the answer was pretty simple,

“Bringing structure and curiosity to our clients is important to us, and it would be inauthentic if we didn’t bring that mentality to the moments and opportunities facing our own business.

“Once we’d applied that lens to the proposal, it was obvious there was an opportunity to take the Redvespa story forward.”

Redvespa has never been afraid to embrace the entrepreneurial spirit that marked its foundation in 2003. Grasping moments and opportunities, when they are presented – but with rigour, has continued to mark our development.

Those drivers, that passion, is why we’re taking on the challenge of bringing a little more Kiwi to the United Kingdom and helping more businesses, in more places, realise their potential. We expect the curiosity we’re taking with us to the United Kingdom will reap insights and expertise which our New Zealand clients will also benefit from.

While the United Kingdom is a new location for Redvespa, the business has long embraced geographic and cultural diversity. As Sarah puts it,

“We’re excited to be continuing the story of a proud New Zealand business which started in a family home and has grown to be a whānau with members from 17 different countries, in three New Zealand cities, and, now, one little piece of Aotearoa, 18,000kms away.”

In the finest Kiwi tradition, with our 18th birthday coming up in September 2021, we’re now preparing to head out on our big OE.

Redvespa is a consultancy founded in Wellington in 2003 that specialises in Business Analysis, it is what we live and breathe. With over 100 Consultants based in Christchurch, Wellington, Auckland, and now Leeds, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience that can be tapped into. From Business Transformation to Design Thinking, we have the expertise and frameworks to deliver value fast.

Diverse in background, knowledge, and personality, our people are all the same in their humility and ability to simplify, pivot, and navigate the challenges of change. As a team, we support each other and have access to a wide range of Business Analysis resources and expertise.

We believe that our inclusive culture boosts morale and engagement for all our employees which, in turn, benefits our productivity and means lower staff turnover.

Our track record of successful delivery, spanning 18 years, gives us confidence in what we can do – and we are conscious we are in an ever-changing world. We invest significant time and energy into looking at future trends and look to harvest and share these valuable insights with our team and, in turn, with you.

Redvespa UK will be based in Leeds with an initial focus on the north.

For more information on this story, contact Jamie Bell, Head of Communications.

If you’d like to talk to us about working together, contact Anna Wilson, Head of Market Engagement, in New Zealand or Martin Simmons, Consultant Business Analyst, in the United Kingdom.




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