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ClearThinking is bite-sized Business Analysis Consultancy for leaders.

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Beyond the Bubble

Thinking about change in business during, and after, COVID.

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Onboard, locked down

Onboarding during a pandemic and the evolution of remote ways of working.

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Talented go-getters

Celebrating ten years of Redvespa in Auckland.

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Is NZ’s innovation culture snagged on number 8 wire?

Research points to lack of imagination in New Zealand innovation.

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Botticelli should’ve been a Ninja Turtle

Three reasons, and five ways, to use your imagination every day.

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Taking Business Analysis lessons from improv classes.

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Finding the lion

The benefit of leaning into vulnerability in order to build resilience.

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Time for imagination

Do we need to be imaginative in order to be innovative?

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Lost & Found: flexing your imagination muscles

The evolution and value of imagination, part two.

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