We're committed to being in Business for Good.

We like to empower our people to be all they can be, whilst trusting them to be all they are. Life here is good; out on your own supporting clients, with support from us back home. We’re a connected community of consultants, business leaders, and skilled, passionate support staff.

Meet the team.

What working for Redvespa looks like.

What you'll do

Joining Redvespa means becoming part of a connected community where everyone contributes to a truly special culture.

You’ll work with clients across New Zealand’s business landscape, helping them identify and break down the barriers holding them back from realising their potential.

When you’re not out with a client, you’ll join us in your local “Hotel” – our name for our offices. This is a time to decompress from your client work and contribute your skills and expertise to Redvespa processes and projects. You’re never on the bench here.

What you'll bring

We’re interested in who you are, not just what you do. Bringing your intuition, empathy, and curiosity to work is a core part of joining our whānau.

We don’t just accept diversity, we celebrate it, and we apply our lens of continuous learning to ensure we’re always evolving our understanding and processes. Our culture of care comes through strongly in the work we do for our clients too - delivering the best results, with care at our core.

What you'll get back

We’re proud of who we are, and put people at the heart of that. We’ll support you to develop your craft, learn from your peers, achieve your goals, and balance your life outside the 9 to 5.

As a member of our permanent team, you’ll get an annual allowance to support you in staying connected and healthy. We’ll also support your Learning & Development through a dedicated budget and give you an additional day of leave every year to use on a day which has meaning to you, your family, or your culture.

As a family-founded company, we believe caring for people is the first step in caring for business.




Hanna Wrenn, Consultant

"It was good to be onboarded at the same time as other people. I was able to develop new relationships with them and also connect regionally. Wharewhero people have been very approachable and supportive."




Kerryn Nicholls, Consultant

"I liked the flexibility, it really was vital to have that when dealing with the introduction to daycare and all the bugs that came with it. I felt like people supported me and I could be there for my family and hopefully contribute to Redvespa at the same time."




Hari Kumar, Consultant

"I felt genuinely welcomed, seen, and heard, not just day one or week one but consistently and ongoing throughout my time in the hotel. I saw language in action i.e. the word "excited" was used by numerous people before onboarding and during induction and beyond."

Hear from Aaron whose work is realising change at Redvespa.

Say hi to Aaron. He is a consultant at Redvespa who helps organisations solve complex problems and improve how they work.

Seeds of the opportunity. Redvespa’s induction is filled with a variety of tasks and short sessions to ensure everyone settles into their new home. Throughout the week Aaron used lists to make sure no detail or task was missed or forgotten. After the week he saw an opportunity to formalise his notes to make the induction experience even smoother.

Aaron worked closely with the Knowledge Manager and Head of Communications and Business Support to create an Induction Checklist based on his hand-written notes. After a number of edits he created a refined document which was sent to a number of new team members for final tweaking before being illustrated by a designer.

Aaron’s hand-written notes turned checklist are now a standard part of the Induction week and Welcome Pack. The checklist has been put to good use straight away and gave Aaron the opportunity to make change and feel heard from day one. A pretty great feeling during your first few weeks.

Becoming a part
of our team

Redvespa recruits Consultants in business analysis roles across New Zealand and, now, across the United Kingdom. We are committed to making the recruitment process as quick, easy, and enjoyable as possible for you and pride ourselves on keeping you fully informed throughout the process.

Different stages of the recruitment process


After you submit your application, we’ll assess it, including your CV and cover letter, against what we’re looking for in the position.

Different stages of the recruitment process

Phonecall or
virtual meeting

As part of the process, we might give you a call to further chat about your application.

Different stages of the recruitment process

People Experience Interview

We’ll put together a shortlist for a People Experience interview and invite you if you are on that list. If you’re not on the shortlist, we’ll let you know via email.

Different stages of the recruitment process

Functional Interview

If the first interview goes well, we’ll invite you back to chat about your skills and expertise with some of the team.

Different stages of the recruitment process

Reference Checks

You know the deal, get to this point and we’ll ask you for some people who can speak to the things we’ve learned about you.

Different stages of the recruitment process

Peer chat

It’s important to us that you find your place with us, so we offer the opportunity to chat with your peers, like a reference check of Redvespa.

Different stages of the recruitment process


We’ll offer you the role verbally before following up with the paperwork. With the formalities dealt to, we’re ready to focus on getting you to speed and welcoming you to the whānau.

Diversity and Inclusion.

Redvespa is made up of individuals with unique skills, backgrounds and experiences. We value diversity and inclusion and recognise the benefits of fostering diverse and inclusive cultures.

To ensure people feel consulted, included, and part of the conversation, we talk with people, not to people. We’re prepared to amplify voices if we believe they are unheard, by making a conscious investment in creating a stronger sense of belonging within our whānau.

About Redvespa

We work really hard to find good people, and even harder to grow them.

If you're interested in joining us, get in touch. We'd love to hear from you!

Maria Albert

Talent Acquisition & D&I Advisor

0508 733837


Current openings at Redvespa.




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